Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Visualization Tools on the Web

The Visualization Tool Which We Liked Least...

We thought that the TouchGraph Google Browser was the most difficult and confusing to use. Although it gave a good visual representation of topics and how they are related to one another, it presented alot of information in such a minimal amount of space. This made it hard to seperate one topic from another.

The Visualization Tool Which We Liked Best...

We like the site http://news.stamen.com the best because it basically gave us alot of information on people in the news. This site had the ability to show us how much content was written on a news article was from week to week. If an article did not have much written on it we could visually see that because the bigger the 'space' the more there was on an article, and the less the 'space' the less there was on an article so we could see which articles had more written on them and which didn't. By 'space' we mean how big the blocks were. We thought this was a very neat feature.

Sarah Mislan, Miranda Kasubeck


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