Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Visual Web Navigation

Liked Best:
Stamen - I thoroughly enjoyed the interface on this website, everything seems to move really fluidly, and I found myself reading all sorts of articles i usually wouldnt since it acts kind of like a quick referance for basic news, which seems to be all this is good for, but I really like the interface and i could see it working if it was, say cross-referanced with subjects on each sliding bar to act as some kind of an internet card catalogue which seems more interactive than just clicking links

Liked Least:
Mooter - I didn't really like the interface on this website it just felt like a really strained attempt to pull off what other "web" based (meaning web in a visual sense) visual internet interpreters do really well, it just seemed like its "web" was just a pretty interface for subject keywords to refine the search, which is done much better by the touchgraph. Mooter just didn't really impress me.

-Brady Bothwell


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