Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday, March 1

Part 1

Title: Net Café: Web Startups
Date: December 7, 2000

This movie clip is a show that is taken place at a Cyber Café in San Francesco. It is hosted by four individuals who speak about the growth of websites. The viewers have a better understanding on the website increase when the show analyzes four examples of websites that were produced during this time.
* Public is trusting internet news resources
* E-commerce, online shopping
* Web radio
* Low fare travel

Title: Plug-ins
Date: June 16 1998

This movie clip is in relation to the history of computing. It focuses on plug-ins, which are programs that originally were used for computers to function properly, such as Real-player and Adobe Acrobat.

Title: Semantic Search
Creator: Eric Miller

This Powerpoint presentation was created by Eric Miller, Rob McCool, R. Guha. It explains the implementation of the semantic search.
* Semantic web
* Semantic search
* Text search
* Get Data: query language
* Tap: allows sites to publish data on the semantic web

Part 2

Title: The Internet and State control in Authoritarian Regimes: China, Cuba and the Counterrevolution
Source: The Carnegie Endowment for Internet
Date: 8/29/2001
Author: Shanthi Kalathil and Taylor C. Boas
This website explains how China and Cuba, two authoritarian regimes have the ability to control the Internet’s political impact. This examination help others realize how authoritarian regimes can profit from the internet and create strategies for Internet development.

Title: World, Wide, Web: Past, Present and Future
Author: Time Berners Lee
Date: August 1996

This website looks at the different times and events throughout the World Wide Web. With this brief knowledge of the past you are able to have a better understanding on what the future can hold. This website also focuses on the essential space for information on the web and the importance of reliable facts.
* Infrastructure
* Human Communication
* Machine Interaction with the Web
* Ethical and Social Concerns

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