Tuesday, March 08, 2005

New Ways to Search

I've never tried any of these types of searches before, and they were actually really cool. I'm sure that they'd all be great for research. However, my least favourite was TouchGraph. What in the world are you supposed to make of this? It just looks like a bunch of company names and descriptions. It was very confusing, although it looked cool at first. As for my favourite, I would have to say mooter.com would come out on top. It was simple to use and gave access to a ton of other relevant searches through its use of clusters :) The other site, kartoo.com, was also good, but I think it would cater better towards personal use rather than student research - although it still looks like a great research tool. The Visual Thesaurus was definitely a close second for my favourite. A regular thesaurus is very limited, giving accessing to mere words which are similar. This however gives access to similar topics and really gets you thinking. The only reason I liked it less is because it ended with basic definitions rather than further access to sites.

The Open Directory also seems to be a great tool since it provides actual descriptions of websites. This makes it much faster to sift through irrelevant information compared to Google, since Google does not provide these helpful and educated descriptions. It also remains extremely user-friendly and also you to search in many different categories and age groups (ex. kids, teens, etc.)



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