Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Multimedia Searches and Google Searches


Title: Wired News: Berners Lee in MP3; Quicktime
URL: http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,32073,00.html
Description: This website provides the user with either MP3 or Quicktime audio clips from an interview with Tim Berners-Lee regarding the World Wide Web and his book, Weaving The Web. The interview covers such topics as the development of the World Wide Web, his thoughts regarding its current state as well as his future predicitions. I chose this site because I feel it would be an effective resources that provides a first hand perspective on the past, present and future of the World Wide Web. As well this site provides versatility in the format which the user can obtain the information.

Title: The W3C Semantic Web Activity
URL: http://www.ercim.org/EU-NSF/semweb/slides/miller-w3/slide1-0.html
Description: This site provides access to a powerpoint presentation by Eric Miller. The user has the option to either view the slides in .ppt (powerpoint) format or to view the site in terms of HTML. This slide show by Eric Miller deals with an overview of the W3C Semantic Web Activities (Background, Structure and Goals) as well as the advanced development of the semantic web. As well this site provides possibilities in future direction of the semantic web as well as open discussion. I believe this site would be useful and effective as it provides a great deal of useful and coherent information as well as charts, graphs etc which make the topics easier to understand and comprehend.

Title: The Information Architecture Of Everyday Things
Description: This site provides an in depth look at information architecture. This is a slide show created by Jesse James Garrett and deals with issues such as the history of information architecture, the difference between implict and explict architecture as well as different types of access. Even though this site does not deal directly with the history of computing etc it directly deals with this course as a whole.


Title: Art After The Internet: The Impact Of The World Wide Web On Global Culture
URL: http://www.isoc.org/inet97/proceedings/G3/G3_1.HTM
Description: This website deals with the "expanding global matrix of computer-mediated communications" and the cultural impacts that it is having on a global scale. This does not only deal with the World Wide Web in general but the ways in which it has altered the way in which artists now function and create/present their work. The World Wide Web now allows artists to become part of a global community where they can share and view their work as well as others from around the globe. This site would be effective because it gives a different perspective on the World Wide Web and its impacts. As well, this website provides an extensive list of references which can provide a means of obtaining further research.

Title: KoreaTimes: [Liberal Times] Political Impact Of The Internet
URL: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/opinion/200303/kt2003032717165211360.htm
Description: This is an article which appears in the Korea Times and deals (as the title states) with the political impacts of the internet. The article begins with a brief overview of the recent past of the Internet and the way it has evolved. It then goes on to discuss the impact of the Internet on society. The focus of the article then shifts to the role the Internet has played in politics in the Philippines. This site would be useful and the reason why I selected it is because it provides a different (non-American or Canadian) viewpoint on the Internet.


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