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MIT 026b Lab Tuesday March 1st, 2005
Locating Images, movies or sound files

Part 1

The following images, audio and visual files were found to be appropriate for someone interested in Current Web Culture;

Title: Wired News: Interview with Tim Berner-Lee
Resource: Google

This website contains an audio/video interview with Tim Berners- Lee. It is in both MP3 and Quicktime format. The website gives several different audio/video options to choose from, where Tim Berners-Lee is interviewed. It includes such interviews as His outlook on the World wide web as well as the importance of open standards. I think it would be very useful and efficient because Berners-Lee is the inventor/creator and as such the information is useful and viable.

Title: Christopher Lydon Interview with Dave Weinberger "The Bubble Never Popped"
Resource: Google

This particular interview done by Christopher Lydon has three different audioparts that have different time limits. The interview speaks alot about Berners-Lee and his experience with blogging and the World wide web. I think it is an efficient and well documented interview that would provide its users with useful and correct information.

Title: Semantic Web, Phase 2: Developments and Deployment by Eric Miller
Resource: Google
URL: http://www.w3.org/2004/Talks/0520-em-swa/

This link provides a Powerpoint slide show on The Semantic Web by Eric Miller. The user has the option to view the topics in different formatts. Eric Miller explores many different aspects of the Semantic Web, he has overviews as well as different objectives with regards to the topic.

Part 2:

The following websites are useful for someone who is searching for The cultural impact of the world wide web:

Title:The Art of in the Internet: The impact of the World Wide Web on Global Culture
Author: Niranjan Rajah (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Malaysia)
Resource: Google

This article is useful as it looks at postmodern culture and how it is rapidly becoming a part of the everyday sensibilites of the world wide web. I think this would be useful instudying the cultural impact of the world wide web, because it gives a goodexplanation of different cultures and how it has affected the internet and itsusers. It also takes a look into the Asian and Malaysian impact on the WorldWide Web.

The following was found to be useful when searching for The Political Impact of the World Wide Web:

Title: [Liberal Times] Political Impact of the Internet (1)
Author: Ronald Meinardus
Resource: Google
URL: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/opinion/200303/kt2003032717165211360.htm

This website looks at the Political aspect of the advancement of the world wide web. It is excellent in expressing its concern of the development, and Meinardus uses this aspect of political concern in South Korea to nicely formulate his view on the topic. The link also contains information ranging from earliest days of development, which is a key aspect in research Political Impact of the Web.

The following was found to be useful when searching for The Future of the World Wide Web:

Title: The World Wide Web: Past, Present and Future
Resource: Google

This website is very useful, it is by Tim Berners-Lee and gives a good explanation of all the stages of development of the World Wide Web. he provides images which go along with the explanation, making it easier for the reader to understand the concepts he attempts to impart.

By: Michelle Moses


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