Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March 1st. Political Impact of the World WIde Web.

Hey everybody got a few articles if your interested in this stuff, or if you just don't have anything better to do.

The first site that I found on google was in PDF format for easy reading and was called "Advocacy versus Attack: The impact of political advertising in the 2001 UK general election". The URL is http://ksghome.harvard.edu/~pnorris/ACROBAT/peb.pdf. The paperwas written by two students, one from Essex University and one from Harvard on political advertising on the internet. It is fairly lengthy so be forwarned but from the little bit that I read myself it seems to be not the easist to get through but addresses the notion of how people are affected by political web ads during elections. Found it very relevant.

My second find was named "Wired for Politics? UC Researchers Examine Impact of Internet" and the URl is http://www.uc.edu/info-services/polinet.htm. The web site is from the University of Cincinnati and site goes to state that the internet is not having a profund effect on the political landscape as people want to use the internet for consumerism and purchasing rather than to have a political effect. The authors also found that the use of the internet does not have a significant effect on how voters cast their ballots.

My last entry for today is from the Center for Communication & Civic Engagement and the URL is http://depts.washington.edu/ccce/digitalMedia/politicalimpact.html. The site tells of how it believes politicians are using the web to their advantage though things like weblogs (weird eh?) and gives a specific example of how weblogs have played a vital role in certain political debates. I found this to be quite helpful in that the site gave good and clear backup information for the claims that it was making.

See ya later. Steve Barber


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