Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Joho the Blog: An Entry from the Archives


This is an experimental video blog posted by David Weinberger. It is a reply to Charles Coopers’ article on CNET. In this article, Cooper writes about how he believes blogging is one of the most exciting developments in the last 5 years and its expansion into all aspects of social life, including politics. I chose this site because it is actually a good lead to two interesting sites (Coopers’ article and Weinberger’s video blog response).

Berners-Lee in MP3; QuickTime


This is a website that contains a variety of audio and video featuring Tim Berners-Lee and his opinions on several issues. Berners-Lee speaks about the Web’s development as well as his predictions for the future ahead for the World Wide Web. This was partly to promote his book, Weaving the Web. I chose this site because there are a variety of audio/video bites to choose from all in one location. It is just more convenient.

Articles Pertaining to the Cultural Influence of the World Wide Web

Internet’s Influence on Social Interactions in Japan


This is a website that outlines the way that people in Japan use the Internet and how it influences all aspects of their culture, from personal relations to the environment. The article starts off by explaining how the World Wide Web emerged in Japan and how in recent years, the country has become a highly technologically advanced society. I chose this article because it is interesting to look at how the Internet affects other parts of the world that are so culturally different from Canada and other Western nations. It is important to realize that the Internet affects many different people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Internet’s Influence Continues to Grow


This is a website that talks about how today’s Internet influences the way medical care is provided and received. It is a survey that provides a lot of statistical facts about how people use the Internet in regards to their medication, physicians, etc. This site also talks about how doctors are now influenced by the medical information they find online. It affects the way that they prescribe medication to patients. I chose this website because healthcare is one of the most important parts of our society and it is crucial to know how advancements in technology (the Internet) influence it.



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