Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lab for march 1

These following websites have some sort of media that discusses the history of the world wide web and computers. The media includes movie clips, sounds clips, and pictures.

A history of computers with a video clip.
The first 2 websites include short ogy has comevideo clips. To view these video clips you need Real player. The first clip discusses the histnolory of the computer. It talks about IBM starting the PC, and is a real eye opener to how far technology has come. I selected this clip because ti has some awsome clips of some old computers. The difference in the look and size of the computers now is so different.
1. http://www.films.com/Films_Home/Item.cfm/1/29445/ixs

Cyber crime: The Invisible Threat with video clip
The second of the two websites, shows a quick movie clip discusses how hackers can hack into the governments top secret files. I selected this video because it is interesting to learn that any person with the right knowledge and tool could cause so much havoc using the internet.
2. http://www.films.com/Films_Home/Item.cfm/1/11755/ixs

A Network Called the Internet
This website has a great video clip of the CBC doing an investigative report into the "internet". This clip is quit humorous to watch, as now the internet is so common. The clips gives a history of what the internet was like it ints early stages. I selected this video clip because I found it very interesting to see how foriegn the concept of the internet was.
3. http://archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-75-710-4205/science_technology/computers/

The Future Of The Internet
This Next video clip is a MUST SEE. It it was a commercial for Beer.com, but discribed in a funny way what the Internet is all about. It discribd what the internet is used for, and does it while putting a smile on your face.


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