Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lab #6, Part 2

(Part 1 separate)

"Video on Demand: The future of the World Wide Web by Professor Tim Berners-Lee FRS"

Resource: Google search engine
URL: http://www.flyonthewall.tv/FlyBroadcast/royalsoc.ac.uk/TimBLee/content.php

This web page provides a video and audio recording of Berners-Lee giving a lecture on the future of the World Wide Web at the Royal Society in London. Additionally, it provides us with 41 PowerPoint slides to accompany the lecture to highlight his main points. I selected this web page because the lecture is a broad, in-depth look into the Web, yet can easily allow you to skip through slides to parts of the lecture that might interest you most, such as future predictions concerning the Web.

"Realising the Full Potential of the Web"

Resource: Google search engine
URL: http://www.w3.org/1998/02/Potential.html

This is yet another web page consisting of the research and writing of Tim Berners-Lee. This web page addresses the future of the World Wide Web in a clear manner as Berners-Lee begins by introducing important background information about the Web. For example, he outlines its original goals (‘The original dream’) and the present state of the Web today (‘Where are we now?’). In a section titled, ‘Where is the Web going next?’ he goes on to clearly outline particular events he predicts are necessary for the Web to improve. I chose this particular web page because it was informative and very comprehensible.

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