Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lab # 6 Part 1& 2

Part 1
Windows 95
Resource: The Internet Archive
Brief explanation: This video is about the biggest launch of a software product. The video includes information about the launch of Windows 95, the product and many add-ons that could be purchased. This video documents the history of Windows and how it has become what it is today. I selected this video because it thoroughly explains where Windows began, and shows how it has changed into what it is today.
Computer Entrepreneurs
Resource: The Internet Archive
Brief explanation: This video takes a different look at the history of the computer, by combining clips of interviews from the different pioneers of the computer. It is interesting because the computer pioneers make predictions about the future of the computer throughout the video, and the truth to their predictions are overwhelming. I selected this video because it takes a different look at the history of the computer, by focusing on the pioneers themselves and their predictions of the future of the computer. http://www.archive.org/movies/details-db.php?collection=computerchronicles&collectionid=122
Part 2
Resource: Google
Tim Berners-Lee
Brief explanation: This website takes a look at the past, present and future of the world wide web. Instead of only focusing on the future, the site give an in depth look on the web’s past as well, to help fully understand where the future is headed. It explains that the beginning of the web was for people to communicate with computers and amongst each other. It is explained that in the future, the web is "becoming a tool for even smaller groups, families, and personal information systems". The future of the world wide web includes more advanced machine processing with the use of machine-readable information and defined semantics. I chose this website because it is informative, yet also easy to comprehend. There are also pictures and diagrams to help further understand the concepts being explained throughout the website.
Resource: Google
Niranjan Rajah
Brief Explanation: This article talks about the social and cultural issues that arise with the popularity of the internet, from the perspective of Malaysian citizens. The article mentions the need for censorship control in cyberspace, as well as a need to ensure that the traditions of Malaysia be kept, with the growing popularity of the internet. With the growth of the internet, there is also a large threat of Americanization. This website is interesting because it looks at the effect of the internet from a perspective rather than from a North American view and it demonstrates the negative effects of the internet on these countries.
Resource: Google
Steven John Simon
The Impact of Culture and Gender on Web Sites: An Empirical Study
Brief explanation: This website takes a look at the business-to-consumer perspective of the world wide web, and how it is affecting cultures and genders. This is an interesting website because it starts by talking about where the world wide web began and it’s impact on culture in the past, as well as the way it is impacting culture in the present. It also discusses the impact that gender and culture in turn has on the creation of web sites.
By Mardel Davis


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