Tuesday, March 08, 2005

favourite search tool

In all honesty I had no idea that so many nifty tools existed on the internet. My favourites were Stamen which was visualization of people and events in the news, and the Visual Thesaurus. Stamen is perhaps my favourite by default, as one needs to subscribe to the Visual Thesaurus. In Stamen one is able to look up an individual or event and they are linked to a list of webpages, in addition is the Top Gaines, Losers, and Top Names which allows you to just surf through the page if you are not sure what you a looking for in particular. In addition is the nifty little boxes of assoiation on the top of the screen which allows you to select your colour key to indicate who is winning and losing and then slide along the little boxes to select your event or individual. The website which I liked least, was the Touch Graph Google Browser. I am not sure why but the image, the associations and links just didn't work for me.


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