Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Compuer History Media Files

Apple II Forever - A streaming video of a tv show about the classic Apple II computer, one of the first apples to crack the home market due to it's impressive multimedia options

Home PCs 1990 - A streaming video concerning the state of Personal Computers in 1990, when PCs using more advanced operating systems were first taking off on the home market, contains information about the importance of x86 processor age computers, which were instrumental in making computers available to home users

The Macintosh Computer
- Another episode of "Computer Chronicles" a show which followed computers through their formative years, on the Apple Macintosh, the first home computer to feature a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and mouse, based upon software acquired from Xerox, the Apple Macintosh brought ease of use and graphics into the DOS based market, and lead the way for Windows and Linux

The Information SuperHighway: Social and Cultural Impact
- A useful article which attempts to outline how the progression of the internet into social structures will affect society itself

Cultural Impact on NetworkEvolution in Japan - An interesting article on the societal impact the internet on Japanese culture, gives a different cultural opinion on the internet and speaks about the internet's creation of "net citizens" or "netizens"

- Brady Bothwell


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