Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Comparing the Open Directory to using the Google Search Engine

hey people, just here to share my thought on the Open Directory an Google.

I find that there is virtually no difference between the two services as far as information retrieval goes as the same sites that I recieved from my query in google were the same as my results in the Open Directory. The order was diffrent but in essence the content was the same. The order of the sites in my retrieval are a key element in the difference between the two applications and can affect the type of info that we receive. Google utilizes bots and spiders to find its information and as a result is succeptible to link rot if the bots do not search often enough and the site may become outdated or irrelevant. The Open Directory on the other hand is is maintained by people and as a result can be scrutinized in a way that we would ourselves search for information. This would eliminate part of the search process for the user making it easier for the user to procure relevant information.



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