Tuesday, March 08, 2005

beyond search engines

Touchgraph Google Browser:
I found this graphing toll to be very interesting, mainly because I have seen nothing like it before. It made a diagram that shows all the websites that link to www.w3c.org/. This could be very helpful to someone who is looking for websites related to this website. It also tells how popular and credible it is, because the more a site is linked to, the more people tend to like the site. The only problem I found with the site was that it was really hard to read, because some of the titles would be overlapping and it hard to understand.

This is a new type of search engine I have never seen. I found it rather brilliant, because it takes the terms you searched, and gives categories to choose from within your search. This allows a person to find information on the subject they are specifically looking to find, not just everything. Although there is a option to search for everything the engine can find within your search.

This search is also new to me. I found it rather interesting. It along with the search engine above gives categories to search in or related to your search. It is displayed as pictures, and few words. Also it shows which pages are linked to each other. It gives the feature webpage, which is the best of the bunch. Also it show you sites that have the same pages within their site. So if I was research a TV show, and a popular page on the site was 'episodes' than it will connect all sites that have an episodes page.

This website is very neat. It displayed the days of the last week, along with many different color blocks. If i run your mouse over a block, it will display who is in the news, and will display all other articles they were in within the last week. It also has three categories of recent news. The categories are top names, gainers, and losers. You can also search another name in the news, and the engine will reproduce all news about that person. This was a cool site, but definitely not one of my favorites.

This website is also very neat, and helpful when writing papers. the user searches a word, and the sites gives a diagram linking to other synonyms. When you put your mouse over a word, it will give you the definition. The only problem with this site is that you have to purchase it.

Overall the site i likes the least was the first one, Touchgraph Google Browser. It was very neat and visually appealing, but I didn't find it very particular or useful. Out of the rest of the sites my favorites were katroo and mooter. They were both rather similar, but allows a person more variety and precision in searches. I would highly recommend using either kartoo or mooter

Open directory project is much more organized than Google. Every website is categorized and stored in directories. One advantage is that you can do a key word search, or you can search for something within a subheading such as entertainment or education. Another advantage is that when you found a website that interests you, the user can check under its directory and find more related sites. The only major disadvantage of using this is that it can only search the sites in its directory. So there will be some sites out there not it the directory, along with some websites that may have been miss categorized.


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