Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Social Imopact of the World Wide Web: APA ref

This first article s useful in that it details the role of the internet, and in particular how online news affects how youth learn and the drawbacks of learning on the web. On the other side the artivcle also talks about the possible disadvantages of not utilizing online news and the positive effects of learning from online news.

Eveland, JR., William P., Marton, Krisztina, and Seo, Mihye (2004). Moving beyond "just the facts": The influence of online news on the content and structure of public affairs knowledge. Communication Research.

This article talks about how the solidifying of the Internet as an influential form of mediated communication has caused activity amongst scholars that want to know why people use this technology.

Armfield, Greg G., and Holbert, R. Lance (2003). The relationship between religiosity and Internet use. Journal of Media and Religion. 129-144.

Studies how American Journalismis affected by the integration with technology in the form of Computer Assisted Reporting in newsrooms and how this allows for better learning on the web.

Rom, Louis. (2003). Part of a special issue on the emergence of civic journalism in American newsrooms. The writer traces the historical development of computer-assisted reporting (CAR) in America's newsrooms. Pushing numbers: An increasing number of newsrooms use technology to develop stories; CAR advocates call for even more. 10-14.


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