Tuesday, February 01, 2005

References to Lynch's article, "Searching the Internet"

Bowman, C.M. (1995). The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System. Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, 28, 119-125.

This looks like a promising article for someone researching how information is organized on the World Wide Web because it introduces and discusses Harvest, a scalable architecture system for processing Internet information.

Jansen, B.J., & Pooch, U. (2001). A review of Web searching studies and a framework for future research. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 52, 235- 246.

This article provides broad base information on the current state of how information is organized on the Internet today. It discusses the latest trends and terminology, and reviews past and current research done on Web searching.

Gay, G., Stefanone, M., Grace-Martin, M., & Hembrooke, H. (2001). The effects of wireless computing in collarborative learning environments. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 13, 257-276.

This is an article written by university students discussing an experiment they conducted where they anaylzed a student's laptop usuage, which lead them to some interesting conclusions regarding the "prevalence of social commuting."

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