Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Part Two -

Part Two: Citation Pearl Growing:

Lynch C. (March 1997). Searching the Internet. Scientific American, 276,3, 52-56. Retrieved Tuesday, February 01, 2005, from Web of Science.

References to three articles which cite Lynch’s article, which look promising for someone researching how information is organized on the World Wide Web:

3. Chignell MH, Gwizdka J, Bodner RCDiscriminating meta-search: a framework for evaluation INFORMATION PROCESSING & MANAGEMENT 35 (3): 337-362 MAY 1999 Times Cited: 4

Summary Selection:

‘This paper introduces an evaluative framework for this type of research and illustrates its use in two experiments. The experimental results obtained are used to characterize some properties of leading search engines (as of 1998), Significant interactions were observed between search engine and two other factors (time of day and Web domain). These findings supplement those of earlier studies, providing preliminary information about the complex relationship between search engine functionality and performance in different contexts.’

2. Qin J, Wesley KWeb indexing with meta fields: A survey of Web objects in polymer chemistry INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND LIBRARIES 17 (3): 149-156 SEP 1998 Times Cited: 4

Summary Selection:

“Four Web search engines-Alta Vis ta, Lycos, Excite, and Webcrawler-were used to collect data on Web objects in polymer chemistry. One thousand thirty-seven Web objects were examined for data in four categories: document information, use of meta fields, use of images, and use of chemical names.”

Most likely the best reference Bellow!

3. Arnold JM, Jayne EADangling by a slender thread: The lessons and implications of teaching the World Wide Web to freshmen JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP 24 (1): 43-52 JAN 1998 Times Cited: 2

Summary Selection:

“Librarians are taking up the challenge of teaching students to use World Wide Web resources in a meaningful way. This article discusses issues and implications for library instruction raised by the authors' experiences of teaching the Web as an additional information source to freshmen in business writing courses.”

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