Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lab # 5: Library Catalogue

Found using subject headings:

1) Bibliographic Citation: Robert, Reid (1997). Architects of the Web: 1,000 days that built the future of business. New York: Wiley.
Location: BUS stack, in library
Call Number: HD9696.C63U5644 1997
Subject Headings: Computer software industry --United States --History. Businesspeople --United States --Biography. World Wide Web --History.

2) Bibliographic Citation: Whinston, Andrew B. (1997). The economics of electronic commerce. Indianapolis, IN.: Macmillan Technical Pub.
Location: BUS stack
Call Number: HF5548.32.W48 1997
Subject Headings:Electronic
Commerce --Economic aspects. Internet -- Economic aspects. Internet --Economic aspects. World Wide Web -- Economic aspects.

Found using call numbers:

3)Bibliographic Citation: Clabby, Joe (2003). Web services explained: solutions and applications for the real world. New Jersey: Prentice Hall PTR.
Location: TAY stack
Call Number: TK5105.888.C543 2003
Subject Headings: Web site development. Application software Web site development. Application software --development. Web sites --Standards.

4) Bibliographic Citation: Burdman, Jessica R (1999). Collaborative Web Development: strategies and best practices for Web teams. Reading, Mass.: Addison Wesley.
Location: TAY stack
Call Number: TK5101.888.B855 1999
Subject Headings: Web sites --Design. Web publishing.

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