Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lab #4 - Part Two - Citation Pearl Growing

Issues that concern the Internet as a viable source for information retrieval have been a hot topic in recent years. Several authors have tried to tackle this topic in numerous articles. C. Casey wrote (1999), "... the current methods of accessing Internet resources Fall short when it comes to locating discrete pieces of information and digital objects." In the realm of the Interenet, however, five years can produce a lot of progressive changes. Complexity of searching on the web has increased exponentialy with every new page posted on the Internet. Chignell MH, Gwizdka J, Bodner RC (1999) note, "While vast amounts of information were now just a few keystrokes and mouseclicks away, as the choices multiplied, so did the complexity of choosing where and how to look for the electronic information." It would seem that in the past journalists were not too thrilled with the progress being made by the search engine companies. One unenthused author, C. Schwartz (1998) had this to say, "Significant improvements in general-content search engine retrieval and ranking performance may not be possible, and are probably not worth the effort, although search engine providers have introduced some rudimentary attempts at personalization, summarization, and query expansion." While advancements have been made in Internet searching the truth remains that until accredited sources provide secure data, for which search engines are able to obtain quickly and easily, search engines will remain unreliable when conducting true research in the academic fields.

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