Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Joys of Citation: Citation Pearl Growing

Citation Pearl Growing

"Cited References" search for Clifford Lynch's "Searching the Internet".

The following articles were found to be beneficial for someone who is researching how information can be organized on teh World Wide Web:

1) Polydoratou P., Nicholas D. (2001). Familiarity with and use of metadata formats and metadata registries amongst those working in diverse professional communities within the information sector. ASLIB PROCEEDINGS 53, 8, 309 - 324. Retrieved February 1, 2005, from Web of Science.

This article would be helpful to someone interested in discovering how information is organized on the internet because it discusses metadata registries and how these registries are able to standardize the way information is presented. The article describes how these registries are helpful and compiled in order to make it easier to use for the average person, since they are in fact created by surveying people and finding out their familiarity level with metadata.

2) Jansen BJ., Pooch U. (2001) A review of Web searching studies and a framework for future research. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 52, 3, 235 - 246. Retrieved February 1, 2005, from Web of Science.
This article is useful to internet users interested in the organization of information on the web because it looks at how the web is organized today and the common trends among websites that have organized data. It also gives suggestions as to how to improve the current state of organized information on the internet and compares searching on the Internet for information as opposed to other methods.

3) Kobayashi M., Takeda K. (2000). Information retrieval on the Web . ACM Computing Surveys 32, 2, 144 - 173. Retrieved February 1, 2005, from Web of Science.
This article uses a survey to help the reader understand that some people that use the internet to search are not satisfied with the current state of organization of information on the internet. It then goes on to discuss how these problems could be improved in order to give the reader perspective on how information is organized online.

By Katie Gordon


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