Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Citation Pearl Growing Exercise

Additional resources found on the Web of Science on information organization on the World Wide Web using Clifford Lynch's article, "Searching The Internet"...

Koehler W., (1999). An analysis of Web page and Web site constancy and permanence. Journal of The American Society for Information Science, 50, 162-180.

The article takes a look at the possible ways of categorizing information, and the changes that can occur through web page mortality rates, content changes and structural changes. The article suggests that the World Wide Web is actually a less sophisticated for of information retrieveal than that of traditional publication practices. Through this it is concerned with understanding "constancy and permanence phenomena" for different Web document classes.

Kobayashi, M., & Takeda, K. (2000). Information retrieval on the Web. ACM Computing Surveys, 32, 144-173.

This article discusses the growth of Internet search engines and the reliance that web surfers have gained as they use these search engines as their primary source of information retrieval. It also discusses a survey which showed that web surfers are inherently frustrated by search engines because of poor performance (slow retrieval speed, poor quality of retrieved results, etc) and suggests new techniques targeted to solve these problems.

Casey, C. (1999). An analystical index to the Internet: Dreams of utopia. College & Research Libraries, 60, 586-595.

This article takes a look at the need for analytical indices to be created in order to locate discrete pieces of information and digital objects. It also discusses problems concerning the development of said indices, and the suggestion of creating smaller focused indices as the best sollution for accessing digital information.

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