Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Social Impact of the World Wide Web

Topic: The Social Impact of the World Wide Web

Castells, Manuel. (2002). The cultures of the Internet. Queen's Quarterly, 109, 333.
Retrieved January 25, 2005, from Proquest Information and Learning Company. CBCA Reference.
This article gives a detailed look into social cultures that sprang up as a result of the internet. Its main focus is hackers. Not only does the article look at how hackers are a type of social product of the internet, but it looks at how hackers helped to shape the internet and continue to do so. Just over halfway through the article, it also looks at the entrepreneurial internet culture driven by the desire to make money. He looks at how both of the cultures affect the web's development and the serious implications they create.

Deuze, Mark. (2003). The Web and Its Journalisms: Considering the Consequences of Different Types of Newsmedia Online. New Media & Society, 5, 203-230.
This article takes a look at how the internet, specifically, the world wide web, have affected journalism. It argues that the internet has changed journalism by adding to its functions, creating a new sector of journalism - online journalism. It believes that this effect will and has already begun to effect the entire culture of journalism - which in turn has profound effects on us.

Berman, J., & Weitzner, D. (1997). Technology and democracy. Social Research, 64, 1313-1319.
This article takes a political standpoint arguing that the internet has developed and should continue to develop in a democratic way in order to shape society. It argues that the beauty of the internet is its open and decentralized structure, accessibility, and diversity of opinions. In this sense, the article is arguing that the internet is shaping many different social cultures by enhancing them. It is an interesting article (Be sure to take note of the time period: 1997)

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