Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Semantic Web & Electronic Commerce!!!

Hey fellow MIT026ers! Here's some great articles which provide some great information about the relationship between the semantic web and e-commerce.

1) Name of Article: Agent for Electronic Commerce on the Semantic Web
Citation: Man-Mo Kang, Won-Woo Park, and Ja-Rok Koo
This article appears in: Science and Technology 2003

This article is awesome due to the following reasons: it was recently published (Sept. 2003), which indicates that the information displayed is reliable and up-to-date; the extensive article thoroughly details the emergingly important link between the world of the semantic web and the world of electronic commerce; along with stating informative facts about this relationship, the article concludes by illustrating how this relationship will influence future work regarding the two topics.

2) Name of Article: Semantic Web processes: semantics enabled annotation, discovery, composition and orchestration of Web scale processes
Citation: Cardoso, J. & Sheth, A.
This article appears in: Web Information Systems Engineering, 2003

This article details the development of e-commerce with the assistance of the world wide web and the newly discovered semantic web. It also elaborates on what the semantic web is and how e-commerce will lead its further expansion and usuage by the general public.

3) Name of Article: Metadata, knowledge management and communications
Citation: Wolfe, Mark. Canadian Journal of Communication. Toronto: Fall 2000.Vol.25, Iss. 4; pg. 539
This article appears in: CBCA Reference

This article is very useful because it not only discusses the semantic web as well as giving a full description of terms like metadata, which is essential in understanding the semantic web, it also discusses other issues that are facing the World Wide Web Consortium at the present time. In reference to e-commerce, the article details how RDF metadata is used to provide a secure location for e-commerce. The article is also useful because it discusses other projects that the semantic web can be used for, including e-commerce projects. The challenges of the semantic web with respect to these issues and projects are also discussed. Finally, the article details the importance of understanding the semantic web as one is using it and its different applications.

4) Name of Article: The Semantic Web: A New Form of web content that is meaningful tocomputers will unleash a revolution of new possibilities
Citation: Tim Berners-Lee,James Hendler,Ora Lassila
This article appears in: Scientific America, 2001

This periodical discusses the potential of the semantic web, with this newmethod of information sharing, the commerce across the world wide web will bechanged. A full text version of the article is not available. The academicdatabases are superior. This article was published three years ago and might beout of date with current advances with the semantic web.

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