Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Semantic Web (CPI.Q)

Canadian Periodical Index

"A Smarter Web" - by: Mark Frauenfelder MIT Technology Review - Nov. 2001

This article published in Nov. 2001 by the MIT Technology Review. This is an excellent article for introducing Semantic Web concepts to anyone who has had some computer experience. The language was easy to comprehend and they make good use of comparative analysis in explaining the difference between the "old web" and the "new web". Excellent primer document for somebody new to the Semantic Web.

"Sir Tim Berners-Lee: he created the Web. Now he's working on Internet 2.0."(Interview)(Cover Story). Frauenfelder, Mark. - MIT Technology Review - Oct. 2004

This article gives a background on the creator of the WWW and overviews the concept of the Semantic Web from the standpoint of it's visionary and initial conceptualist Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

"A.I. Reboots: 2001 has come and gone, with dreams of a hal-like computer long since abandoned. But in scaling back their promises, artificial-intelligence researchers are finally starting to score significant successes." Hiltzik, Michael. - MIT Technology Review - March 2002

This article dictates a demonstration of how the new net will work using a query on anthrax. Very informative in the way it demonstrates the raw capabilities of this new technology. It also goes into further detail about how the technology will progress.

Communications Abstract

"The Role of Metadata in the Statistical Knowledge Network-An Emerging Research Agenda"- Carol A. Hert (Syracuse University) Sheila Denn & Stephanie W. Haas (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

This article gives a different perspective on how the Semantic Web will contribute to areas of communication other than the general Internet.

This was the only article I was able to find on any of the Abstract databases that had anything to do with the Semantic Web (General Information)

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