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The Semantic Web and Computer Technology


The Semantic Web

Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler, Ora Lassila. Scientific American. New York: May 2001.Vol.284, Iss. 5; pg. 35

The article discusses how the Web can be transformed in to the Semantic Web by augmenting Web pages with data targeted at computers and by adding documents solely for computers. It goes into detail about how computers will find the meaning of semantic data by following hyperlinks to definitions of key terms. To find meaning the computers will reason through the data logically. The resulting infrastructure will spur the development of automated Web services. Furthermore, the article provides general explanation about the semantic web in an easy to understand manner.


Database: Social Science Abstracts

The Role of Metadata in the Statistical Knowledge Network: An Emerging Research Agenda
[Academic article taken from the Social Science Computer Review 2004]

Social Science Computer Review 2004, 22, 1, spring, 92-99.
Hert, Carol A. ; Denn, Sheila ; Haas, Stephanie W.

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This article would be useful to those interested in the relevance of metadata and how metadata is used in computer technology. The article discusses how Metadata is integral to many processes in the Statistical Knowledge Network. It details how the Semantic Web and others express the importance of metadata in supporting integration of information across multiple sources.

This information is useful to understand because there are challenges in the SKN and building computer technology through being able to identify what metadata is needed and at what point in the cycle of production and use of statistical information it must be available.

This article also provides research on building computer technology through the use of metadata for users to find statistical information that can use and easily understand.

Database: Social Science Abstracts

The Information Society: O Brave New World

Social Science Computer Review 1995, 13, 2, summer, 163-170.
Miller, Roberta Balstad

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Examined in this article is the impact of information technology on social science research & research applications. The central focus is on information technology providing unprecedented access to data and the ability to analyze it. According to the article, previous data collection practices will be replaced by electronic browsing in metadata and databases. This is useful to not only understand how metadata is changing technology but it is important to understand because with metadata’s role in technology for electronic browsing, researchers' time will be freed from data collection, allowing them more time for scaling, calibration, analysis, & interpretation.

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