Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Metadata is:

Literally, "data about data," metadata includes data associated with either an information system or an information object
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Metadata describes the attributes of an information bearing object (IBO) - document, data set, database, image, artifact, collection, etc.; metadata acts as a surrogate representation of the IBO. A metadata record can include representations of the content, context, structure, quality, provenance, condition, and other characteristics of an IBO for the purposes of representing the IBO to a potential user.

Data about data; "a library catalog is metadata because it describes publications"

This site is a powerpoint presentation that describes metadata, types, examples, standards and use in DLs

The above sites will provide a good understanding of metadata. The first definition and site provides a brief, straight to the point definition. The second elaborates on the first definition. The third gives an example of metadata and the fourth is a powerpoint presentation on metadata.

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