Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Lab #2: A Glossary of Key Terms

It’s the glossary from Tim Berners-Lee’s Weaving the Web. It has a number of terms about the Internet and Web in general and also has several related to the Semantic Web.

This is a glossary that contains all of the key terms listed in lab, and many others including descriptions of many other terms and areas of the Web. It is also written in a very easy to understand way.

This is a very thorough glossary with many terms listed in the glossary. It is also fairly easy to understand, and several terms contain links to other websites if you want further information on the particular topic.

A thorough glossary of terms related to the Semantic Web. It explains things very well and some terms also have examples given to further explain the definitions provided.

Glossary of terms specifically related to the Semantic Web. It is a little difficult to understand, but it does provide links to the sources of the definition where you can get more information.

An extremely big glossary that is easy to understand and offers definitions for just about any Web-related term you could imagine.

By: Ryan Broll


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